Our commitment to the future

At Mini Kyomo we want to be responsible for our impact on the planet. We strive to create products that are friendly to our environment and constantly work to improve the sustainability of our production processes.

Our watches are all produced in Italy and we like to replace conventional materials with more sustainable ones that have a lower impact on both nature and human health. 

For the straps we use OEKO-TEX® and GRS certified ‘simil-nylon’ yarn made of 10% upcycled Marine Plastic (from plastic marine litter) and a remaining up to 90% of post-consumer PET from land sources.

For the cases we use Thermoplastic that contains up to 90% recycled scrap coming mostly from computers and cars.

In this way we reduce our dependance on petroleum as a raw material and curb discards.

What is an ORKO-TEX Certification 
What is 



We care about children's skin and that’s why we use only materials that are totally safe. 

Our watches have been analysed by one of the International leading research centres called KTR that released a Safety Test for all their components and certified that :

  • They are free of nickel, chromium and other heavy metals
  • They DO NOT contain any harmful element
  • They resist to the breakaway tension 


Responsable Packaging

Every single watch is packaged in a 100% FSC® recycled paper box.

All the cardboard boxes used to deliver to our store partners are 100% sealed with a 100% Kraft paper tape.

All of our e-shop orders are shipped in resistant 100% cardboard self assembly box that are kind to the environment.
The inks and glues used are water-based, which makes them 100% recyclable and biodegradable.  

What is an FSC®  Certification


Local handmade Display 

Our displays are handmade at 3 km from our office/warehouse by a local artisan.

100% made in local black pine wood from Catalonia