A lot has happened since last year when we finally received the first batch of mini kyomo after a long delay due to lockdown. We've learned so much by listening to your requests and we are constantly working to improve the quality and design of our watches. 
To celebrate our first anniversary we've decided to give you the opportunity to design your own watch. How would the perfect mini kyomo look like if you could design it yourself ? You have an idea ? Great ! Download a plain watch here and let your imagination do the rest. You can either use a software if you have some graphic skills or just print the file and draw on it. Children are of course welcome to participate too.  
You have until the 21st of May 2021. We'll then review your propositions, make a pre-selection and present it here. You will all be able to vote for your favorite model and we will produce the one that wins the most votes. If your model is the winner you'll receive your dream watch in several copies to be able to share it with all your family and friends :)
Have Fun and send us your creation(s) at makeyourown@minikyomo.com
We can't wait to see them !